Seen in the news …..

Ready Steady Gymnastics  joined us in February

They have gone from strength to strength, with such a top venue, equipment, and dedicated staff it is not really surprising.

It was a huge investment for us all, but with everybody going that extra mile in the early days during the refurbishment it gave us a good platform to work from.

Of course a huge thank you goes to Father Tom Farrell at Christ The King for his help and support, without which we probably would not have got off the ground in the first place.

Obviously it is still early days yet, but the future of the club does look quite promising thanks to the help of the local community and all of our partners.


In other news

Squash ….

Exciting news – we will be resuming our children’s squash coaching program from September – see the squash page for times and prices.

As a small side issue, in all honesty squash is not the easiest game to play its not very intuitive and as it is three dimensional it takes a little perseverance to reach even a basic standard, but unquestionably worth the effort, but every now and then you come across natural players.

In the past couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of coaching a couple of young players (10-11yr olds) who have taken to the game like ducks to water and are very enthusiastic – it’s lovely to see.

It seems the preconceived ideas about squash being a little eliteist are no longer applicable with the new up and coming generation – I also think the fact that we are a pay as you go club at £3.50 pp keeps it affordable.   We are in a good centralised position and provide very easy access helps.  We also loan all equipment as needed so there is no expense until you are sure you are going to stick with the game.

A huge factor for increased interest in children’s coaching is parents from my own generation and younger want their children to be more active, and what a better way than in a safe secure environment and with glass backed courts so you can watch the coaching sessions.

We will bring you further updates but good times for squash at the moment.


{Tuesdays 7-20}  we have 2 new members Louise and Hayley its their 3rd week now, well done girls, and welcome to our club!

We have some young blood in our higher level leagues, they think that they can just stroll in and beat us more ,shall we say” experienced players” well ….. bring it on!

PS  I coached most of you all give it your best shot!!


I’ve coached hundreds of people over the years but the universal problem with 95% of people is GETTING TO CLOSE TO THE BALL!  You have probably had that feeling of being cramped with the ball on top of you.  Try to keep arms length plus from the ball it will make a huge difference to your game, especially in the corners.

NEXT WEEK, keeping side on …..



I personally think this is one of the most important rules from a safety aspect.  It is usually from the serve but not always, the ball will come on the inside of your body you will then turn to play on your forehand for example instead of playing the backhand.  If you are not sure, the biggest clue is your opponent will be cowering against the wall.  DO NOT PLAY THE SHOT!!  Call the let.

Think about it … you have your back to your opponent with no real idea where they are, probably heading for the T, if they are watching you the chances of hitting them in the eye is quite high.

Over the past 20 years I have personally seen at least 4 eye injuries (2 were detached retinas!) for what?  A point in squash?

It seems to be the scourge of non league players as it is a serious faux pas amongst club level players,

But also you cant keep turning every time you are out of position and calling a let, you have to play the shot when you can, not keep letting it go.

So if you don’t want to wear goggles (which do take a little getting used to) within reason DO NOT PLAY A SHOT THAT MAY INJURE YOUR OPPONENT, they may be self employed or lose time off work for the sake of a point in squash.



P1 – Chris Cowle

You’ve had it easy so far now the better players are back having been out through some or all of the below (see excuses) look out.

P2 – Beardy

Well well well  couldn’t quite cut the mustard ay?

P3 – El shabazzy

I taught you everything you know young whippersnapper so look out

Gavin , Sam P2 beckons.

We are only in P1 because “we are standing on the shoulders of giants”


Never fails to amaze me the excuses squash players come up with, is it universal across all sports I wonder?

Bearing in mind the parameters are the same for all….. 

“The lights are too bright”

“The lights are too dim”

“I cant see the ball against the carpet through the glass back”

“Its too cold ” its too hot”

“The ball does not seem to be bouncing right”

“The showers are to hot” the showers are too cold”

“There is something wrong with my racquet”

“I think my heart just stopped beating”

“There is something wrong with my toes, foot, shin, knee, bottom, back, neck, shoulders, elbow, wrist, fingers, head and eyes”

“I’m tired”

To name just a few, but my all time favourite has to be,

“If i had been given as much as I gave I would have won that game”

Brilliant!!      Oscar Wilde eat your heart out.

Thanks all will keep you updated Allan Kerr club squash coach