MKA Kickboxing Academy for children

Our kickboxing martial arts training is designed to give children additional confidence as well as to teach them to respect others. We offer a safe environment for them to train in, with experienced instructors who are used to teaching kickboxing to kids of all ages.

For parents, it’s a way of helping your child to take part in an active sport that they will enjoy. Our classes are a place in which kids can channel their energy safely and purposefully, because by participating they build strength, flexibility, enthusiasm and skill.

Contact MKA Kick Boxing Academy in Coventry for more details about our classes, our teachers, and the benefits to be gained by learning a martial art at a young age.

Boxing Fitness Classes

Engage in a dynamic and empowering fitness experience with our boxing classes tailored for juniors and mixed-age groups. Led by skilled instructors, these classes offer a perfect blend of fun and fitness.

Kids and participants of all ages can learn fundamental boxing techniques while improving strength, agility, and overall cardiovascular health. Our inclusive environment ensures an enjoyable and supportive atmosphere where everyone can challenge themselves, boost confidence, and foster a love for an active lifestyle.

Join us for a high-energy workout that combines the excitement of boxing with the benefits of staying fit and healthy.

For more information contact Rash on 07837083278


Dance your way to fitness with our invigorating Zumba classes! Join us every Wednesday at 10:30 AM for a lively and rhythmic workout that’s not only effective but also loads of fun. Priced at just £4 per session, it’s an affordable way to get moving and stay healthy.

Our experienced instructor will guide you through dynamic dance routines set to infectious music, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re a Zumba enthusiast or a first-timer, our classes are designed for all levels of fitness.

Don’t miss out on the chance to boost your energy and have a blast – join us this Wednesday for a fantastic Zumba experience!

For more information contact Nina on 07722631494